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Australian websites and usability.

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Clearly, most people who are responsible for usability in Australian web-design are thinking of web browsing as of luxury. According to them, you are supposed to dip yourself in some sort of excessively comfortable chair, light a cigar and, having most of a day ahead of you, start browsing some retail chain website. 

Either that, or a war against fast and effective access to information is raging on, and we, semi-normal people, are losing. 

One particular pet peeve of mine are store catalogs. Those monstrosities are made entirely in flash, and the only way to browse through them is to flip their kinetic pages with mouse. By holding and dragging. Of course, all normal benefits of flash, like broken browser navigation, inability to bookmark or link anything and necessity to have flash in the first place come with it.  Just to make process more lengthy and doubtfully entertaining, to extract any information from this catalog one usually has to zoom in (and zoom out later to flip it by dragging your mouse). 

I'm literally lost at telling on how many levels it is wrong, yet most retail chains are incredibly persistent in creating slow to browse, awkward copies of their paper mailbox spam on their websites. 

This is worrying.

This is as if we hit some usability threshold and rebounded into the need for some traditional and really ineffective metaphors for getting access to information. I do not want traditional metaphors, they never work well on computers and I do not want to delete my files by dragging them to some sort of mouth that will chew them, digest and poop them to trash 8 hours later. Garbage bins in most OSes are as far as I agree to go. 

Hence, I really hope that things like this come from some sort of flash-peddlers who approach CEOs with ideas like "Our customers will flip the pages just like they do with paper catalog". Or maybe it is a good time for me to process myself through huge meat grinder. 


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